Episode 105: God Hates Helicopters

5 comments on Episode 105: God Hates Helicopters

  1. scooterfrias says:

    I love when blogs use stock images. Like that “Spanking inthe Name of the Lord” article, the Leopard print ass getting spanked is just a photo from the 2011 Folsom Street Fair. As evidenced here: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Folsom_Street_Fair_2011

    Just thought I’d share.

  2. esme says:

    I love you guys! And, regarding the story about the girl with the growth on her face, when you guys opined as to whether or not she had been born in a hospital. It’s obvious she wasn’t born in a hospital; clearly, she was hatched from a cocoon.

  3. Mike.K. says:

    Ok, about the spanking article, this is where a non-heterosexual comes in handy. If you stare at the picture of the woman’s rear end for many minutes, you may begin to notice strange images appearing. This is what is technically known as “the rest of the picture”. As Cecil noted, the hand in the glove looks like a woman’s hand. If you actually divert your eyes *away* from the tush clad in leopard print of an unholy Pantone value, you will see that it seems that the “man” is wearing lavender lace panties.

    The site seems heavily satirical of real events. It looks like they used a picture of lesbian spanking fetish for their Christian spanking story.

  4. AllenH says:

    Ok, I have another take on this Christian Domestic Discipline. I think that this is MAYBE consentual, that the practitioners of CDD are sexually repressed and that this is a bible based excuse for Sub/Dom play, S&M. Meaning that the practitioners are getting off on it, but have been told that this is naughty behavior, and need some excuse from the bible to engage. A part from the CDD website that started me thing this was where they were talking about the woman who may start “bratting” meaning intentionally acting out inorder to be punished in some way.

    I don’t know, maybe it is abuse in some relationships, and maybe it is fetish in others. could go either way in my reading.

  5. Terrie says:

    Hey guys,

    Great episode… as always. The Xian discipline stuff was hilarious. And also horrifying.

    Thank you so much for playing my crazy prayer story! Such a total thrill!

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