Episode 103: The Revisionaries

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  1. ben says:

    Regarding the singing dentist in the Revisionaries, obviously he “knows” musical theory is just a “theory” and is adamantly apposed.

  2. Patrick Smythe says:

    As usual, when a pom tries to do an Australian accent it just sounds like cockney. Pay no attention to your linguistically incompetent caller from England.

  3. Rick K. says:

    The United States of America is slowly becoming the stupidest population on the planet. Interference by people who want children to be as ignorant as possible, so they will become willing Christians. Desperate measures to support a religion that is fading away.
    Did you listen to the debate SGU had with McLeroy and read the followup talks Dr. Novella had with him after?

    1. Mike.K. says:

      It’s not so that they become willing Christians. That’s a side effect.

      The conservative base here in the US is fueled by anger, paranoia, racism, a sense of grievance, and punishment politics. They flock to fundamentalist evangelical Christianity because that is a simplistic, often vengeful, theology that they can understand, and, more importantly, can can reinforce their pre-existing prejudices.

      The “ruling class” of conservatism, however, pursues “cheap labor conservatism”. They are the gilded-age barons turned libertarians. All their policies (expensive for-profit education, expensive for-profit healthcare, restricted birth control, abortion services too expensive for the working class, no unions, no workers’ rights, no labor laws, no safety standards, no environmental laws, no pollution laws, no regulation, no taxes, government bailouts while toughening citizen bankruptcy laws, lowering bailout loan interest rates while raising education loan interest rates, having business representatives write legislation, corporate interests backing the military-industrial complex into war… and all of that without pausing to think) have the primary or secondary effect of hurting the poor and middle class, while making businesses above the law. The wealthy will continue to be educated, while the poor will be functionally illiterate, desperate for health care (or food and shelter), and superstitious. They seek to turn the US into a land of sweatshops and call centers, just like Bangalore and Malaysia.

      People in these situations turn to religion because it is an institution that offers solace, support, education, and answers. This is well understood by the hucksters who manipulate the poor, uneducated, and afraid showing up at their churches for solace. It is a way to calm and control the masses, as well a fleece a little more money out of them.

  4. Jerry Ray Howell says:

    I watched it, I always do my homework. 🙂

    I noticed how likeable Don the Dentist is. I really wish he could flip the switch and get his beliefs separated from his facts, but he (they actually) sadly never will.

  5. Mike.K. says:

    I am still shocked this hasn’t been posted yet:


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