Episode 102: Goblins Gone Wild

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  1. Mike.K. says:

    Ok, on your comments on a TV show not causing gender confusion (which is the old psychiatric diagnosis for homosexuality, and uses as a derisive term) you have to remember the audience.

    They are fundamentalists. They are conditioned to believe and be shaped by stories without question. If they are conditioned to believe that the story of Noah’s Ark is perfectly reasonable and should be believed without question because someone from the church says it, and that young earth creationism is perfectly reasonable and should not be questioned because someone from the church says it, then, yes, the flock will be gullible and stupid.

    Also, homophobia is a cash cow in that environment. Because people are conditioned to hate without question, they can believe any stupid thing as long as it reinforces their bigotry.

    Lastly, it’s not “werewolf confusion”, it’s “Lycanthropy”.

    … I expected more from someone who claims to have played Dungeons and Dragons….

    1. Joel says:

      There was much cheering and beer bottles clinking when we heard Bob “The Flying Spaghetti Monster” Vest mentioned at the end of the episode. If my fellow listeners would care to watch the humiliation of an internet bully who challenges non believers to cage fights, here’s the link: http://youtu.be/vxbuhBUDYFE

      Thanks Tom and Cecil! Very glad you enjoyed it. Keep washing the masses.

  2. Rae Griest says:

    Did you happen to notice how the IT Jesus looks a lot like David Koresh from Waco… Check the part of the video where Jesus is wearing glasses in front of the white board.

    Love the show.

  3. Matthew McGuigan says:

    I think the whole dancing ban in Aceh show’s how bad it is when a religion spreads like a plague. The dancing is the cultural heritage of the area. Now the people have forgotten who they are, they are now Muslim before being Indonesian.

  4. Mike.K. says:

    I actually watched “The Revisionaries” last week. It’s really depressing, but a good show. It makes it pretty clear that those backing “intelligent design” are young earth creationist evangelicals, just as everyone presumes.

    Along a similar line, I’ve started watching “What’s the Matter with Kansas” on Netflix. I can only take about 10-15 minutes at a time. So far, it’s not very focused, but stomach churning. You can summarize almost every vignette with a conservative as “Democrats are homo luvin’, gun grabbin’, baby killers! I’m right because the Constitution is a Christian document!”

    And, about “socialized medicine”, have you really never heard the record, narrated by a young Ronald Reagan, sent out in the early 60’s to fight “socialized medicine”?

  5. DAMN YOU BOTH for encouraging me to watch “The Revisionaries.” How fucking depressing.

  6. Oh, PS, speaking of things damnable, here’s your Magnolia clip, no movie-watching required:

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