Episode 101: Dolphins and Birthers

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  1. Liz W says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for another fun time. I was thinking about the little girls getting married in Iran and Saudi.

    In that polygamy is allowed and encouraged in the Quran, I suspect theses young girls are like the fourth wife the letch is getting and she will be saved until ripe for the picking. In the interim the older wives will groom her and teach her how to do the necessary housework and cooking. Remember also that arranged marriages are still quite common there and if a wealthy merchant can support four wives he can “buy” his little bride-to-be at an even younger age. This now leads me to the whole sexual harassment of women in the work place. Your mistake was to imagine that these men love, honor, respect and cherish their spouses and family. They have as much respect for women as I have for them.
    Thanks for reading my humble opinion. Glory Hole?!?

  2. Lorne Browne says:

    Here is the link to the G+ community (InkZone) that was discussed in the podcast this week. Just request to join and you are in!


    1. Mike Stemle says:

      Fuckin’ love the G+ community. G+lory hole.

  3. Ken S. says:

    Ozzy really did bite the head off a bat. Someone threw it on stage and he thought it was a rubber toy.

  4. Scott says:

    Just wanted to thank you for another great episode, I’ve been HONK! HONK! Dang it Sharon, I’m typing! HONK! I better just go guys, she really seems pissed. GloryHONK!

  5. Mike Stemle says:

    Hey, Tom & Cecil, do you know what would go great with that cup of spit? Egg nog.

  6. Gary says:

    I feel compelled to thank you guys for consistently being entertaining. If it wasn’t for this show I’m not sure if I could possibly survive the disheartening job that I have. An added bonus being that my coworkers think I’m insane when I randomly laugh out loud, so no one steals my lunch from the fridge anymore. Oh, and a glory hole for women, is referred to as a bidet.

  7. RaisedCatholic says:

    So glad I came upon this great podcast. I cannot believe I am just listening to it! Where had I been living? Under a rock?
    Great stuff!

  8. Pascal says:

    Great episode as always! Three things bothered me though:

    – don’t you think it’s a good thing to give people the benefit of the doubt and call them suspects until they’re sentenced? It may look silly in the Woolwich incident, but I think you have to draw a line somewhere and this is the only option that’s not ambiguous

    – “People don’t do the horrible shit that’s in the bible”. What about the death penalty for homosexuality in Uganda (80% christians)? [wikipedia] You may be right about western countries though…

    – You can’t marry 14-year-olds in Germany. In exceptional cases, 16-year-olds can marry, bit in general, the legal age is 18.

    Anyway, I think hilarity is more important than accuracy 😉

    1. diss0713 says:

      1. Sure. But in this case the guy was covered in blood and people saw him do it. We think generally it is, but when you are actually caught in the act…

      2. We’ve talked about Uganda MANY times on this show. To my knowledge that bill is still not passed.

      3. Yeah, I think we assumed that the age of consent was also the age to marry. Our bad.

  9. chrissy_juliann says:

    I was sure the dolphin birthing was some sort of hoax, ha. Shows me what I know! I found a few websites that actually claimed that “water babies” or babies who are born with a dolphin assisting them, supposedly have a genius IQ and that they are superior to the rest of us born on dry land. The article I read claims the sonar of the dolphin is magical and relaxes the mother while genetically engineering geniuses in the womb just before they pop out. : ) HA (http://wakeup-world.com/2011/07/07/dolphin-midwives-and-underwater-birthing/) I’m sure it’s a very reputable site haha GLORYHOLE

  10. Oscar says:

    That picture is beautiful. Just beautiful.

  11. Nat says:

    Woolwich is pronounced Wool-itch

    I love it when you try to pronounce English place names

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