Episode 100: Guesticular Fortitude – Part 2

6 comments on Episode 100: Guesticular Fortitude – Part 2

  1. Sam says:

    Gloryhole! Happy 100th. Where’s the link to the choir?

    1. diss0713 says:

      It is the last link up there: Whole of his Glory TTBB

  2. cHRIS says:

    when i heard you guys doing the sylvia brown voice, i thought of the grandma off of Dinosaurs:


    Or Roz from Monsters Inc (the clerk who’s “always watching”)


    happy 100 guys! great show, no matter how much you put your show and yourselves down, you do an amazing job!

  3. David from Sydney says:

    Gloryhole Tom and Cecil. Thank you for a superlative one hundredth double episode.

    As someone who spends two hours a day on trains getting to and from work I listen to at least ten hours of podcasts a week. Unfortunately Cognitive Dissonance only covers about an hour, so imagine my joy when your most recent episode brought together three of my other favourite train companions – Chuck, Thomas and Jake. If you’d managed to get some of the guys from Church of Awesome or Reasonable Doubts it would truly have been podcasting nirvana, though this state was almost reached for the brief moment when it seemed like Brian Dunning had left a voice message.

    Keep up the excellent work

    1. B. Root says:

      Thanks, David. I was idly browsing my favourite podcast sites, and found your comment mentioning Church of Awesome. From what I quickly gathered, this show seems to be right up my alley. Besides, I’m subscribed only to about 30 podcasts, so there’s room for more!

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