Episode 1: Shut Down

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3 comments on Episode 1: Shut Down

  1. famousafteridie says:

    Great first episode. Love the intro.

    My jaw dropped listening to the phone call about the Planned Parenthood numbers that weren't actually said in the context of being "facts". WHAT? And these are the people that comprise our government? Ugh.

  2. MizBean says:

    It's kinda quiet in here. I'll just bet all the cool kids are over at The Facebook. And I swear all my reasons for not going there are solid ones. Really.
    Yes, the intro is terrific. And the middle, too. But, oh, that statement of Skeptic Affirmations at the close is delicious! Do please publish the whole litany so I can recite along with Tom. Kinda like I do for the Four Disclaimers on Whadda You Know? (see above comment re: not being a cool kid)

  3. A trip down memory lane, to a simpler time for you and me,
    Back then all we worried about was sneaky-sneaky NBOME

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