Episode 342: Dan Arel – Secular Activist

3 comments on Episode 342: Dan Arel – Secular Activist

  1. St. Ralph says:

    I wonder if the German people kicking through the rubble of their houses in 1945 were thinking, “Gee, I’m glad we didn’t stoop to punching Nazi’s back in ’38.”

    1. diss0713 says:

      I think this makes a presumption that hitting Nazis would have changed things. I’m not convinced.

      This is also ignoring your claim that there wasn’t any violence against nazis by other Germans. I have no data on that and I’m not sure I believe that the nazi rise to power was violence free.

  2. Foxfire says:

    That story you told about your diabetic supporter’s possible future…that’s the future I’m terrified of facing, as a twenty-five year old. I already knew my quality of care is going to go down once I turn twenty-six and have to go off of my parents’ medical coverage, but now I’m facing the possibility of having zero coverage. Having diabetes is already expensive as it is. In the very near future, it could become impossibly expensive, and that’s something I’ve been trying not to panic about since election night. My twin sister and I have both had diabetes for a long time, and we’re facing terrifying prospects of death, or at least of being very ill. Not to mention we both have Addisons disease as a complication of diabetes, which requires two different kinds of steroids to manage. I’m legitimately horrified of what the future may bring because we have a president who doesn’t care.

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