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Episode 340: Alternative Facts
Episode 326: I’m So Thirsty
George Hrab
Episode 329: Lashes for Some…
"Gloryhole. One of the best podcasts for the intellectual looking for someone to say what we are all thinking. I cannot recommend these guys enough. Thank you."
"The world needs brutal honesty and that's what they give. I strongly believe that hearing the brutal and often disgusting truth of what's going on is the only way to get serious enough about making a change. If you easily offended you would do well to have a listen and hear what's really going on in religion."
"I listen to this quality podcast while doing my yard work. My neighbors no longer like me, but it's worth it."
"I love this podcast more than my mom! Seriously, I listen religiously! I did learn something I should have learned 135 episodes ago during the opening of episode 136: It's dangerous to listen to Cognitive Dissonance in public. People tend to get creeped out by people who just bust a gut laughing while walking through a hospital.'

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