Episode 353: Gift of Doubt with Anthony Magnabosco

2 comments on Episode 353: Gift of Doubt with Anthony Magnabosco

  1. Mitja says:

    Random guy from Slovenia here (No, that’s not Slovakia in case you’re wondering). Unlike croatians, we don’t use the đ (except maybe for making a tongue version of the generic smilie :Đ since we do share the same keyboard layouts) or the ć (which is just a soft č), I gotta tell you that you still got Ž wrong. Yes đ is a J-sound, albeit harder than you said it, try by starting off of “D” and ending in “J”. But Ž is simply how the letter J sounds in most french words, but nowhere near as hard as “J”.

    Great episode and love this awful show.

  2. OMG The Rutland United Church sign is in my community here in Canada. This makes me SO FUCKING HAPPEEEEE! I’m not the only one here who listens to your fucked up, Canadian whisky hating, broadcasting from a garbage city like Chicago podcast.
    Wait a minute, That was probably my 14 year old who sent you that picture. Glory hole muthers!
    PS. I watched that YouTube video Thomas Smith did where you were driving with Eli. Cecil kinda looked like a 1970’s skyjacker in that vid. And Tom? Well, remember the guy who played Beast Raban in the De Laurentiis Dune movie? Have you thought of wearing polyvinyl armor to a live event? Hmmm…, maybe we have a Patreon goal.
    Love the show. Thanks for the awesome intros Anna!

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