Part 2

Episode 473: Opioid Crisis Part 2 (with Dr. Steven Novella)

Thank you to Dr. Steven Novella from The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe for joining us. Check out their website, podcast, and book of the same name.

If you want to hear the emails Cecil sent the SGU back in the day they are Episode 39, 40, and 45.

Also Tom knows Dr. Novella is a neurologist, he was just joking saying neurosurgeon…. ????


Episode 319: Vulgarity for Charity 2

The Scathing Atheist team and SciBabe join Cecil and Tom for Vulgarity for Charity Part 2 in which they exchange insults for donations. We also talk with Chris Matheson (of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure fame) about his new book, The Story of God.

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