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Episode 151: Greta Christina

Special thanks to Greta Christiana for joining us. Her book information is here:


Ebook edition:

The Kindle edition is available on Amazon. (That’s the link for Amazon US, btw — it’s available in other regions as well.)

The Nook edition is available at Barnes & Noble.

The Smashwords edition is available on Smashwords. Right now, it’s only available on Smashwords in epub format: I’m working to make it available in other formats.

Print edition:

The print edition is now available through Powell’s Books.

The print edition is also available at Amazon.

Audiobook edition:

The audiobook version is available on Audible.

The audiobook is also available through Amazon.

The audiobook is also available through iTunes.

Stories this week:

Ex-Navy chaplain: Un-biblical gun laws make California ‘vulnerable’ to invasion by Japan


What Are (Some) Christians Saying About Openly Gay NFL Player Michael Sam? Take a Look