Fake News

Episode 331: Upper Decker

“There is no such thing anymore as fact because it’s all subjective”….what!? 

Tom and Cecil talk about a recent episode of The Diane Rehm Show where guest Scottie Nell Hughes discusses her ideas on facts. They also discuss Alex Jones and “Pizzagate” and why Math only works because Jesus created it.

Stories Covered In the Episode:

Episode 330: Post Truth with Cara Santa Maria

Tom and Cecil have Talk Nerdy host Cara Santa Maria on the show to discuss the rise of “fake-news”, how personal biases influence how we consume media, and the incoming POTUS.

About Cara:
Cara Santa Maria is an Emmy and Knight Foundation Award-winning journalist, science communicator, television personality, producer, and podcaster based in Los Angeles. Learn more about Cara at http://carasantamaria.com/