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Extra from our recording with Bryce


Abortion Clip and Beer Talk

 So the first 17 minutes or so of this is us doing a story and then we get sidetracked mid episode to talk about beer. If you have no interest in beer those 10 minutes or so at the end will not be interesting at all. Fair warning. 


Wayne Allen Root – All Liberal Women are Ugly


Worst Interview Ever

We interview a republican, We last 15 minutes. It’s a horrible bit of tape. 


Full Interview Eli Bosnick

We had Eli on for our recording session this week. We wanted to talk about the tweets from Trump about trans people in the military. We were also planning to talk healthcare, but we never got to it. 

40 minutes of this interview will make it to the show on Monday, but we meandered through some skeptic community, youtube community and other things that were off topic. It is a good conversation but it won’t all live in the wide release of the show.

We hope you enjoy this conversation. Check out the shorter version when it releases in 371.



Pat Robertson

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Rick Wiles

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Patron Only Show: El Salvadarooooaniaoooans

Tom and Cecil discuss some of the best clips of Jesse Lee Peterson.

Megan grabbed these clips before the election of Donald Trump. We try and not focus Trump and the election, but there is some audio from during the election.

If you want to listen to more Jesse Lee Peterson, you can check out his work here:

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AMA With The Scathing Atheist

Tom, Cecil and the crew from the Scathing Atheist do a Reddit AMA.

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Alex Jones Patron Show

Tom, Cecil and the crew from the Scathing Atheist do a Reddit AMA.

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Extra Content Episode 294

Billy Graham’s daughter: ‘9/11 was God’s punishment for trans people, evolution, and secularism.’

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Extra Content: Sandy Rios and Trump Speculation

We start out with a funny story with Sand Rios and then just talk Trump and his chances in this nearly 20 minute extra.

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Pastor Manning Extravaganza

Let’s see how long Tom can speak like Pastor Manning before losing his voice.

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Intro and Michael Savage

So we recorded this intro and forgot that Jake for IFS was coming on, so we didn’t need it, but it was funny, so we wanted to have someone listen to it. We also have a story that we cut from this episode because Savage’s tape is too long and even though it is a good story, it takes him too long, and he repeats himself, so it got cut.

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Pre-Show Chatter With Andy and Robot Marsh

A while back we had Marsh and Andy from the MSS on, and Marsh’s computer was acting up. We had this 20-minute conversation with Andy and Marsh kept dropping in and out trying to fix his audio.

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Jim Bakker Extravaganza

The Jim Bakker Extravaganza! Four clips from his show. We play them in their entirety, so we didn’t link them. We hope you enjoy it.

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Gun Safety with Tom

Tom’s story of teaching gun safety to Webelos.

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Extra: Pumpkin Farm

A bit of chatter before we started covering stories for the week.

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Extra Content From Episode 245

Jim Bakker Preparing To Go To Jail Again, This Time Because Of Jade Helm 15

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Extra Content From Episode 243

So we posted two shows late last month that we didn’t charge for because they would have hit in July and we didn’t want to post them then. So we need to post both of those shows this month. This extra content is for show 241, which published on the 29th. Thanks for the support. Here is an extra bit we thought was funny.

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Extra Content From Episode 230

Two additional segments from the latest episode:

Creationist Ken Ham picks fight with Nasas John Glenn you cannot turn an amoeba into an astronaut

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Extra Content From Episode 228

Fischer: Incest Has Been ‘Normalized And Legalized’ In Pennsylvania Thanks To Gay Marriage

Argentinian judges reduce rapist’s sentence ‘because six-year-old victim was gay’

Mom: Outed pastor told gay son he’s going to hell Read more:

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Mic Check Chatter

This audio is from our recording session on the 19th. It was some pre-show chatter that we recorded; we talk about Dallas Buyers Club and Juggalos.

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Extra Content From Episode 218

We eat a candy bar pre-show and talk about our favorite candy. Trigger warning – two guys are talking while chewing.

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Prep for Episode 214

So we were talking and doing a mic check before 214 and had a conversation about a few stories, a few sources, and Tom’s laziness.

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A Bit Cut From Episode 206 (Second Try)

So this was cut from our latest show, we felt it was a little raw. Dead kid warning.

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Mic Check Second Try

We were waiting for Seth Andrews to call and we were talking about bands that do a sing/talk song. We started talking about Limp Bizkit, and this is what we recorded. You can hear us answering Seth’s Skype call at the end. Trigger warning – Limp Bizkit.

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Extra Content From Episode 190

Here is a bit we cut from 190.

Five conspiracy theories freshman republican class will bring congress

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Extra Content From Episode 187

Pat Robertson segment for patrons only. Here is the article:

Pat Robertson: People Don’t Live To Be 950 Anymore Because Of Climate Change

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Extra Content From Episode 189

Here’s a fun bit we cut from the latest show.

Catholic Archbishop: Ebola is punishment from God for homosexuality

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Extra Content From Episode 167

A few minutes of Tom and I before we started recording. Totally off topic nonsense.

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Full Interview: Atheists On Air

So we had a ton of this interview leftover after editing, and it is way too good to let go. It is extended so if you heard the Atheists on Air episode you only heard 40 minutes and this is 68 minutes long. Some of it is just chit chat, but we thought it was funny enough to be an extra. The audio quality is ok-ish. It was recorded by Cash for this episode.


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Extra Content From Episode 143

Talking about the missing Malaysian jet.

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Extra Content From Episode 140

A goofy little bit we cut from the show.

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