November 18 – 19, 2017 – SkeptiCon Australia

Cecil and Tom were honored to perform on stage at SkeptiCon in Sydney, Australia.


January 13, 2017 – God Awful Movies: LIVE with Cognitive Dissonance

Upcoming Events

The God Awful Movies gang are taking it on the road to Chicago!

Teaming up with the only two people twisted and self-hating enough to put up with these movies multiple times. Eli, Heath, and Noah are joined by Tom and Cecil from the Cognitive Dissonance Podcast for a two-hour LIVE God Awful Movies!

If you’ve wanted to see the show live, meet the guys, or generally heckle a Christian movie in the way it deserves, now is your chance. Get your ticket because this event WILL sell out quickly and seating is limited.

12/4/16 Dogma Debate 24 Hour Podcastathon!

Joined a bunch of amazing people for David Smalley’s Dogma Debate 24-hour Podcastathon.

We closed out the show. Thanks to our listeners we were able to raise over 6k for Camp Quest and donate an additional 2k to the ACLU. (We go on air at 1:33)