Episode 401: In Studio With Seth Andrews PART 2

Seth Andrews joins Tom & Cecil to ruminate on the maniacal vocal stylings of the inimitable Alex Jones.
If you haven’t yet take a listen to Part 1 with Seth Andrews

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Mike Pence gas-lights gay people: I never supported conversion therapy

Alex Jones: God Will Destroy ‘Demon Spawn’ CNN Reporter Brian Stelter | Right Wing Watch

UK’s First Guide Horse?

Stoneman Douglas Victims’ Fund

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One comment on “Episode 401: In Studio With Seth Andrews PART 2

  1. clem padin says:

    congrats. Thanks for your show. It’s helped me a lot. I’m 61 and have been a non-believer for a while now but every once in a while I still feel the pull. I was just on a website yesterday called ‘army of jesus’. I guy from work sent me a Russian bot meme from them. And as I read, I could feel the pull of the craziness. You guys keep me grounded. It’s really important what you do. Thanks
    ps, if you read this on air, use my full name!

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